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Marcio Garcia reveals his regret for the kiss he gave to Bolsonaro |  cheerful

Marcio Garcia reveals his regret for the kiss he gave to Bolsonaro | cheerful

Marcio Garcia reveals his regret for kissing Bolsonaroplay the internet

Posted on 09/25/2021 11:21 AM

RIO – Marcio Garcia, 51, lamented the kiss he gave President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) in June 2020. The “Voice Kids” presenter, in an interview with Conversa com Biel last Friday, claimed that the act It was nothing more than a joke, but it had consequences. The artist analyzed, “I went to make fun of him and got sick.”
The case began when Bale asked Garcia about his vision of the current government, which is heading into its final year in power. “I am that man like that… I always try to see the best in everyone, and I say this to my children: Even someone who has already been imprisoned, imprisoned, or imprisoned, I think everyone deserves to be heard. I hate it. To judge, let alone Conviction,” the actor and presenter commented.

Then she cited Bolsonaro’s Kiss episode, which went viral in June 2020. “There’s a story of my own that a lot of people must have seen, I can speak frankly, a kiss I gave at Bolsonaro. It was an event. He played a joke with him because of his homophobia. He asked for a picture and I said : Only if you kiss but you won’t fall in love because I’m already married. What was recorded was a kissing scene, Garcia explained.

“I have reached out to other politicians, even at some point I defended them. What is left of this story? I don’t have a likable politician and I never will. I will never defend someone I blindly supported, because that person who deserves to demand the most is me.” , who voted. If I vote for someone, I must charge him,” he continued, without assuming whether he had actually voted for the politician.

“What you absolutely cannot have is to cooperate with situations that despise health, and that have no respect. I believe that anyone, whether already convicted, should be treated like a human being. Everyone deserves to be heard. And I will always rejoice, because I live here. I thought. On moving from Brazil, yes. I don’t want to move from the country and I hope it works out,” he revealed, who continued: “I think both of them, they speak frankly here, right and left… I’m not on the right, but I’m not on the left either. I might be more One-sided bias. Both sides have a good side and a bad side.”

“We have to stop the polarization and understand that we all want the same thing: the good of our country. I don’t think someone who thinks differently than me wants bad for the country. Democracy is listening,” Garcia noted.