June 14, 2024

“In the Time of the Emperor”: Princess Isabel’s Marriage Proposal | Come to me around – come

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"In the Time of the Emperor": Princess Isabel's Marriage Proposal |  Come to me around - come

No Monday seasonAnd 9/27The heir to the imperial throne will be surprised by a request wedding I will be worried about flirt Between your fiancé and your sister.

The princesses started to worry about futureWhen they were surprised by the arrival of the suitor to Isabel. Leopoldina rebelled, even stamping her foot, saying that she would never give in to Planned marriage.

Review the scene where Leopoldina says she will never marry:

Isabelle suffers from meeting her fiancé

Isabelle suffers from meeting her fiancé

But everything changed when Pierre arrived and fascinated The two sisters. 💘

See the scene where Pierre meets the princesses:

Pierre arrives on Thursday

Pierre arrives on Thursday

Determined to marry Isabel, the petition will cast all its magic, but the emperor’s eldest daughter will remain. suspicious or suspicious.

Pierre (Gabriel Falcao) asks Isabel (Julia Gaiusso) to marry him “in the times of the emperor” – Photo: Globo

“I once read a short story written by Machado de Assis, ‘Questão de Vanidade,’ in Jornal das Famílias. It was about a chess player who was courting two girls at the same time. I hope this is not the case for you,” Isabel says.

Prince asks, “Isabel, you know what I came to do in Brazil. I liked you. Did you like it?”

🎧 hear 3 wings The new stage for the 6th novella! 👇

Does Isabelle accept the marriage proposal? 🤔

Watch the Friday 9/24 class videos:

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Tonico Shameless With Dolores. Pierre asks Isabel to marry him, and Pedro says he wants to get to know him better. Samuel and Pilar talk about their difficulties. Pedro cancels Isabel’s wedding. Vitoria arrives at the casino, and Quinzinho falls ill. After speaking to Isabel, Pedro retracted his decision and agreed to his daughter’s marriage to Pierre.

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