June 13, 2024

She leaves the maternity theme and shows the face of her newborn baby

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She leaves the maternity theme and shows the face of her newborn baby

Singer Thyme Mario left the maternity hospital with her newborn daughter and her husband

the singer thyme Mariotto and her husband, businessman Fabio Elias, left the Maternity Hospital of São Luis in São Paulo with their newborn daughter Ivy. The famous mother stood with her newborn daughter in her arms as she left the maternity ward.

On maternity leave, the singer chose to dress her child in a red outfit. Red is the color most chosen for babies when they leave the maternity hospital, because there is a common belief that this color is protective for young children.

When I was on my way home, thyme Talk a little about it: “Hey guys, we’re on our way home! We just got out of the maternity ward, I’m out, Ivy is out, everything is perfect thank God. Look at the mommy princess, we’re wearing a hat now because she A little cold.”

Many celebrities have praised Baby Ivy. “What a beautiful thing,” said volleyball player Jacqueline. Former BBB Mariana Felicio said: “Congratulations! What a princess!”

Netizens were also complimenting the daughter thyme In her little red clothes to get out of the maternity ward. One netizen commented, “Oh, Princess Mother!” Another netizen said, “Go with God, princess! You’ll love your new little home! It’s not my mom’s oven, but you’ll get lots and lots of kisses from your little sister Liz.”

One netizen commented: “Oh my gosh! What a beautiful little angel!”. Another netizen also said: “Awesome, but your daughter is so perfect! A real little doll.” As one netizen said: “What a beautiful princess! Many blessings to your family.”

A fan of the singer also signed little Ivy saying, “So beautiful! God bless your princess.” Another fan of the singer stated, “This princess is pure magic! May God bless you with good health!”. One fan also commented: “Perfection of God! You don’t have a womb, you have a carving machine. “

She left the maternity theme with her newborn baby

Brazil News Agency Them leaves the maternity hospital with her husband and newborn daughter

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