June 25, 2024

Marcos Braz breaks silence on the next Flamengo coach for 2022

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Marcos Braz breaks silence on the next Flamengo coach for 2022

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After the presidential elections and Rodolfo Landim remaining in the maximum seat, he was flamingo This week begins planning for the next season. Introducing a new coach is the club’s priority. According to Marcus Braz, who will continue as Vice President of Football, now is the time to calmly analyze the scenarios.

“Oh flamingo There are still two commitments in Brasileirão and most likely we won’t start until after those two games… We have a relationship in the market, see who can come, but calm and quiet. “If ever there was a moment to choose quietly, it’s now,” said Prause.

About Carvalhal, the name that will be closest to the club for 2022, the manager dodged.

“I called him a year ago and not now. He has a contract. This window is a little different because everyone has a contract.. This is not the end of the season.”

Amid the myriad speculations at the moment, Marcos Braz has confirmed that the search for a new coach for 2022 is in its initial phase. The manager emphasized that the moment is to calm down so we don’t make mistakes again.

“No one is looking for flamingo. We are in the embryo stage in the market to see the project. If you have had the time to find a technician, now is the time. Let’s go quietly and calmly until everything works out,” he concluded.

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