June 24, 2024

Rodolfo Landim re-elected as Flamengo President for the three-year term 2022-24 with great advantage | flamingo

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Rodolfo Landim re-elected as Flamengo President for the three-year term 2022-24 with great advantage |  flamingo

In an election held this Saturday, in Javea, Flamengo members re-elected Rodolfo Landim as club president for the 2022/2023/2024 triennium with 64.9% of the vote.

See the election result:

  • Rodolfo Landim (purple dish): 1301
  • Marco Aurelio Asif (blue plate): 284
  • Walter Montero (golden plate): 283
  • Ricardo Heinrichen (white board) 134
  • Total: 2,002 votes

Landim spoke shortly after the victory was declared and thanked the “expressive vote”.

It is a clear victory that indicates that we are on the right path. Recognizing the efforts of the entire team on the purple board, and the work we have been doing. I think we have three more years of struggle ahead. It is a tribute to the efforts of the entire team on the purple board. It has been successful. I think the most important thing for our tablet calls is Unifla. We have always suggested a union of all red and black people, said Landim.

Vice football and search for a coach

Before proceeding with the celebration, the re-elected president also dealt with football and refuted criticism of the football department. He remained silent during the campaign – without giving interviews – and spoke shortly after the victory was announced, confirming Marcus Prause’s streak in the football department.

– The man is the vice president, three-time champion of Rio de Janeiro, two-time champion of Brazil, two-time champion Libertadores, Recopa, two-time Supercopa. He’s a great winner, a guy who works all the time, he’s the right hand in football. are you crazy? Landim said.

In response to a question about the increase in professionalism in football, he refuted the criticism of reporters who referred to “amateur coaches”, in direct criticism of the last dismissed coach Renato Gaucho.

– I don’t know which amateur coach you’re talking about. All the technicians we hired so far are very professional in our perception, which is different from yours. Now, this does not prevent us from continuing to search for more qualified professionals to provide services to Flamengo – re-elected President commented.

Rodolfo Landim at the Flamengo election – Photo: André Durão / ge

For FlaTV, the chair highlighted the difference in votes on the runner-up.

– I am very happy, there were more than a thousand votes for second place. It is proof that the members of the club are happy, they prove what we have done during these three years. It is a strong support for us to continue working for the next three years. I would like to thank all those who honored us with their votes, who came here to honor us – commented the re-elected President.

There was a possibility that Landim would be re-elected with more than 80% of the vote – this way his group would get 100% of the seats on the boards of directors and deliberations, which would remove the strength of the opposition in the next three years. by (65%), Chapa Roxa will get 120 seats in the trading session and 48 seats in the administration.

The second place, the blue board, by Marco Aurelio Asef, had 40 members of the advisory board, 30 of whom were incumbents, and 18 members of the board of directors.

With 2,002 in total, this was Flamengo’s presidential election with the fewest votes since 2006, when Marcio Braga was elected in an election that included 1,684 voters..

– We expected a little more participants, but I’m very happy. I would like to thank everyone who came here again. You can be sure it will take another three years to dedicate ourselves, giving everything we can to take Flamengo to a higher level,” Landim said.

Landim was first elected in 2019, the year Flamengo increased their investment in football. He won the Copa Libertadores, two Brazilians, the Super Cup twice, the Recopa Cup and three Cariocas as well as titles for basketball, rowing and other Olympic sports.

In his second month at the helm of the club, the president faced his toughest moment, the Eagle’s Nest fire that killed ten young men. Flamengo failed to reach an agreement with one of the 26 affected families, that of goalkeeper Christian Esmero.

Chapa Roxa, by Rodolfo Landim, at the Flamengo election – Photo: Andre Durao / J

– Image: Disclosure

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