May 31, 2023

Marcos Mellon’s controversy on the web after Naldo’s tribute at Calderao: “The most ridiculous thing”


The anchor takes on the funk artist in the clip for “Sobe o Som.”

Image 1: Reproduction / Instagram Caldeirão na Globo – Image 2: Reproduction / Instagram Caldeirão na Globo

Presenter of the Vênus Platinum program, Marcos Meon has become a target of criticism after honoring funk singer Naldo at the Calderao this Saturday (20). Naldo was on the panel for Sobe o Som, and his track was praised by Mion.

“You took a lot of beating, but you managed to get around it brilliantly. You used your technical expertise and your life and your confidence in who you are to be able to turn this into entertainment…and a survivor of patriotic music, a survivor of social networking, and that deserves a lot.” This is for a whileMyon said, looking at Naldo who couldn’t hold back his tears.

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However, there were people who didn’t enjoy Anchor’s moment with the funk singer back at the peak of his music career. in 2018, It is alleged that Naldo attacked Muranguinho And the situation was seen as a “passage of the cloth” for the former reality pair.

Marcus Mone, this is going downhill.said one web user. “What an absurdity this tribute from Marcus Meon to a woman offendersaid another. Another was spared no praise for the message the presenter said: “This program never lets me down”.

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