March 4, 2024

Key Alves, from BBB 23, won a “sexy” gift from a fan. He has an unusual reaction and netizens do not forgive: “So ignorant”


The first one trapped in universal attraction ended up being “frightened” by the “intimate” thing she received in the middle of the street

Images: Key Alves / Instagram official reproduction.
Images: Key Alves / Instagram official reproduction.

On last Friday night (19), Elvis key, who was previously exclusive to Big Brother Brasil 23, ended up becoming a topic on social networks after receiving an unusual gift from a fan. In addition to the object itself, what caught the attention of netizens was the fact that the She was popular in the middle of the street when she was introduced.

In the images circulating on the web, you can see the OnlyFans creator surrounded by a group of women. “Keep the kids away.” says one, when handing Key a mysterious box. The volleyball player, not knowing what it was about, laughed and opened the object, surprised by an interesting gift.

Reproduction/official Instagram of Key Alves.

Upon removing the body covering, the penis “jumped” out of the box and scared Key Alves, who burst out laughing along with his followers. “how can I forget you?The celebrity wondered, laughing, at the unusual gift she received from the fan. On social media, the topic has been widely commented on among netizens.

“Help, I’m dying from the gift Key received from some fan”One person said enjoying the video. “These people are so ignorant.”, opened another netizen, who showed no doubt about the gift the volleyball athlete received. Finally, another person paid tribute to BBB 23’s previous position: “The key is very nice to fans, even when you receive gifts like that…”.