June 18, 2024

Marcos Millon cries when he sees the end of Calderao, on Globo: ‘Tears in the eyes’

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"Lágrimas nos olhos", Marcos Mion chora ao ver fim do Caldeirão, na Globo, e confirma: "Sensação inédita"

The presenter burst into tears after the end of the latest version of his show

Always grateful to fulfill the dream of working at the largest radio station in the country, last Saturday (14), Marcus Mayon made no secret that he was crying After watching the end Do calderao on globo.

But calm down! According to the announcer, the tears of happiness consisted in his ability to achieve one of his biggest goals in life.

In addition to securing the fixed contract at Globo, Marcos Mion garnered so much approval that he got more time on the air. He’s getting better at Ibope and he doesn’t hide that this is a cause for a lot of feelings.

Via Twitter, with a photo of his watery eyes, the Calderao captain revealed what he was feeling.

tears in the eyes Watch the end of the Calderao…every Saturday like this. I close my eyes and all I can think of is “I did it!”. Thank you, Jesus Christ, for blessing me with the opportunity to live the greatest dream in life…It’s an unprecedented feeling Of constant happiness… Thank you! “

"tears in the eyes"Marcos Millon cries when he sees the end of Calderao on Globo and confirms: "Unprecedented feeling"
Marcus Mayon is emotional (Image: Reproduction/Twitter)


In an interview with ‘Conversa com Biel’, Marcus Mayon opened the doors of his home and affirmed that this good phase is the result of his faith.

I deliver everything What happens to me is for the lady and for God. I am sure that everything that happened was because of my promise, because I have already done everything that is humanly possible, ”the Globo presenter began.

“It’s a crazy story, a story of great faith, and in this way, in the past year, I have to hear from direction “Unfortunately you will not giveWe have already decided what we will do on Saturday, accept other proposals, you are a talented person […]What did I do? No. I know I should be there [na TV Globo]. There is a story of faith and resilience.”

"I deliver everything"Marcus Mion reveals the score at Globo and what he's heard from the trend: "Unfortunately, that will not happen"
Pedro Biel and Marcos Millon at the latest ‘Conversa’ (Photo: Reproduction/Globo)

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