June 7, 2023

Virginia Fonseca is surprised by the “publishing” who was hospitalized

It looks like a headache Virginia not pass yet. The influencer checked herself at a hospital in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, last weekend and was updating her followers about her health.

Pregnant with her second child with a singer Philip’s costumeThe influencer stated that she might spend some time in the hospital. I’m still here. My headache is better, but it hasn’t gone away. I will most likely stay here.”

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I am taking medicine that makes me sleepy. So I can’t stay awake for long.”


According to Virginia, tests suggest she had a migraine attack: “What happens is that I hate taking medications. So I started to have pain and it was like it would pass. It didn’t. It turned into a real crisis. And I’ve been in pain for eight days.”

“I do all the checks, an ultrasound of the whole body. Everything was ok. I have now done one on my skull, which indicates that I have a migraine,” he added.

Work, work and more work!

But anyone who thinks that Virginia won’t be able to record her famous ad because she was hospitalized is deeply mistaken! The influencer tried a new liptint and issued a discount voucher to her followers.

“I’m here in the hospital, I’m here, but I can’t help but tell you about this liptint, which came out today. Follow the dance,” he said.

Reproduction / Instagram


Virginia did not get up well on Thursday morning, May 12, and complained to her followers of a severe headache. The influencer is pregnant with her second child with Zé Felipe, which she already has Maria Alice, who is about one year old.

“I have a lot of headaches, set, I’ve already taken medicine. I don’t know what to do. We go with a cold compress,” he said.

“If you are missing out here this morning, you already know. I will stop using my cell phone and rest to see if the pain goes away.”

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