February 28, 2024
Marcos Mion continues his work in Caldeirão in 2022, announces Globo

Marcos Mion continues his work in Caldeirão in 2022, announces Globo

Marcos Mion will continue to present “Caldirão” in 2022. The presenter shared a video to celebrate the news with fans, Breaking the prediction that Ivete Sangalo will replace him on Saturday. The singer is still on Globo TV, but “The Masked Singer” championship on Sundays in 2022.

Miyun wrote in a post on social networks: “The dream came true. Saturday afternoon at Globo is ours! I’m only tears and gratitude! I love you who live all this with me!” Globo confirmed the information shortly thereafter.

The presenter also showed the announcer’s message. The text reads: “Mionzera, there was no way you could be different. The audience asked and we agreed. Saturdays of 2022 are yours. Long live Caldeirola.”

The message announcing Mion’s participation in “Mais Você” concluded tomorrow, “Go have coffee with Anna Maria and tell everyone. She’s waiting for you.”

In a conversation with Globo, Mion thanked the network for helping him build his career there.

I’m just grateful. I renew my commitment to bring the joy, fun and madness that the Brazilian people need now. I’m glad that, even with all the partying and surreal reception I’ve had from TV Globo, they make me build my career there step by step. It’s the only way to build strong roots and unwavering confidence. More so when the project is long-term. I lack the words to explain how I feel right now

Boninho has also used social media to celebrate the persistence of Marcos Millon.

“Congratulations to this team who put their hearts together with Mion to create this gig! Soon we’ll be bringing new news and frames! Enjoy Saturdays with heart!” the director said on TV Globo on Instagram.

“cauldron” with myon

Marcos Mion started presenting “Caldeirão” on September 4th NS He got fan support on social media Since he first drove gravity.

In addition to quiet conversations with the guests, the presenter also brought new paintings and entertained the audience with games during the programs.

Mion, who also used to live emotionally, He made a joke with former gravity presenter, Luciano Hack, not last Saturday (16).

“Weld (Rodriguez) cried. Do you think I’m Luciano Hack, damn it?” , he said to a guest, recalling the constant crying that happened on the afternoon program on TV Globo.