May 31, 2023
Maria Brocka is terrified, shoots Tenorio and gets kicked out of the farm's TV news

Maria Brocka is terrified, shoots Tenorio and gets kicked out of the farm’s TV news

In the following chapters of wet landMaria Broca (Isabel Teixeira) will freak out, and she ends up being evicted from the house and starting to live in a shack. Eugenio (Almer Satter). The turning point in the life of a housewife will occur in the nine o’clock soap from Globo when Tenório (Murilo Benício) takes zuleka (Aline Borges) to live on the farm.

According to columnist Patricia Cogot, of O Globo newspaper, Bruaca will be deeply shaken by the arrival of the second Tenório family and He will try to kill the husband. She, however, will miss the photo opportunity. The woman will say, “I almost killed him.” ladies (Giuliano Cazari) later.

“If I kill still It was little for everything he did to you, “He’ll shoot a pawn.” God helped me at that time, and made me miss the opportunity,” Maria asserts. It was a diabolical thing, because God could not want a cursed man alive,” Maria will answer.

However, the farmer would not leave the matter and expel the woman from the house. With nowhere to go, you’ll get on the Eugenio boat and stay there. Bruaca will try to jump into the river, but the conductor will stop him. Soon people in the area will start talking about the state of Bruaca and will call her Maria Chalaneira, leaving jota (Julia Dalvia) apprehensive.

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