May 31, 2023
Stenio Garcia Silvio De Abreu

Stênio Garcia complains about the way he was expelled from Globo: “Perseguição”; Silvio de Abreu replies and says the real reason: “Plástica”

Veteran bullshit! After 47 years in Globo TVAnd Stenio Garcia He was fired from the station in 2020. In an interview with Notícias da TV, published on Saturday (21), the actor revealed that he had received the news about The WhatsApp He referred to what could be “persecution” on the part of Silvio de Abro. The playwright, in turn, refuted the accusations and said that this is nothing more than a “completely false” story.

because of a pandemic COVID-19The message about the expiration of the contract arrived on the cell phone of Stenio’s wife, Marilyn Saadeh. With that, the actor had to leave the station without the farewell he had expected. “I think it’s a shame, because I still feel short of breath to work for some time. I loved working at the station. I had no idea I was being singled out about it, I only found out later.”He said.

Marilyn Saade, wife of Stênio Garcia, was the one who received the end-of-contract message via WhatsApp. (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

According to him, this persecution was to be carried out by Silvio de Abreu, who at that time worked as director of dramaturgy in Globo. “It was for a ridiculous reason. My wife had offended Silvio de Abreu on Instagram. I think anyone interfering with someone’s work process is no good, it was terrible. It’s not very nice, no”The actor announced.

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Stênio and Abreu could have starred in an old feud, due to a relationship between the artist and Cleyde Yáconis, who was a great friend of the author. “If he’s looking to take action on the person he’s working with, he’s not a good person, and I don’t want to think anything about him. I later found out that he mixes up personal and professional things, and I don’t like that. Ridiculous, so ridiculous”Garcia said.

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Stênio Garcia, after nearly five decades on the channel, didn’t get the farewell he expected from TV Globo. (Photo: Publicity/TV Globo)

The eternal Pino in the movie “Heavy Load” still regrets that the older actors had difficulty choosing work. “A veteran is he who has learned the most, who has observed the most in life, who has a very large reserve of knowledge. I don’t think he is good, no [falta de oportunidades]. The market should be for everyone. There’s a lot of this concept that you have to be young to work in television, but an actor isn’t that old. I want to keep working, because work feeds me, and I feel like I’m working alive. If I make history, I want to keep going”The artist, who turned ninety years old, said last month.

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“Globo has been a great job market for me, it gives you all the conditions, it allows you to study and research and provide all the materials for that. It is a company that strives to contribute to the results of its people. I really like Globo”praised. Before Stênio’s departure, Glória Perez would try to help the actor by saying that she would cast him on her next TV series at 9 AM. However, the pandemic ended up delaying all plans. At the moment, Garcia still does not know if he will play in “Travessia”, the author’s new project.

Silvio de Abreu denies persecution and points out why the actor refused

After Stênio spoke, Silvio de Abreu responded to accusations of persecuting the actor, stating that he did not even know about the criticisms made by Marilyn. “I don’t have Instagram or Twitter, so I had no way of knowing what the lady said”the author said in an interview with Notícias da TV on Saturday (21). “This story is completely wrong. It never happened.”he added.

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According to Abreu, the decision to dismiss Steno had not even been communicated to him. “It was not up to me to hire or fire anyone. This job belongs to Human Resources. I have never been consulted about the dismissal of Mr. Stenio, and he has never come to me while in office to ask for anything or to say that he has received the notice”The author said.

Silvio de Abreu as Paulo
Silvio de Abreu denied the persecution of Steno Garcia, expressed his admiration for the actor’s talent, and commented on the artist’s position on the story. (Photo: TV Globo/Z Paolo Cardel)

As for the alleged hostility in the past, Silvio did not hide his opinion of the actor’s position, but denied that he had upset something on the professional side. “I started reading in the newspapers and even on TV shows that the class was going to take revenge on me for the fact that he was, in the last century, tomorrow with the great actress and my friend Clyde. Really, his attitude was terrible, but I had nothing and had nothing to do with him.”It is to explain. “After that I cast him in two excellent roles in Boca do Lixo (1990) and in Torre de Babel (1999), which he played beautifully, because talent does not lack”.

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The former CEO of TV Globo also pointed out Stênio’s attitude would hurt his career at the station. “There was a rejection on the part of the authors and directors, not against his indisputable talent, but because of some aesthetic intervention he made on his face, which damaged his features. When his appearance returned to normal, I cast him in God Save the King (2018), and he Fantastic job as an interlocutor.Abreu revealed.

Stenio Garcia God Save King Arthur Menigna
Stenio Garcia in “God Save the King.” (Photo: Artur Meninea/Gshow)

The playwright also made a point in expressing his admiration for Garcia’s work, criticizing all the fuss. “I had and had nothing against the excellent actor Stênio Garcia, a brilliant career in Brazilian theatre, film and television. I deeply regret that such a great talent recedes so low using gossip columns to accuse a professional who has always admired and respected his talent with an unreasonable slander” .Silvio snapped.

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Stênio denies plastic surgery and demands an end to the feud

After Silvio de Abreu spoke, Stenio spoke on the subject again. The veteran asked to finish this beef with the author and explained the aesthetic procedures he underwent. “There was a communication error. The only thing I did was my mouth, I put some porcelain on my teeth, but other than that I didn’t do anything.”he told the site.

The actor announced that he wanted to move on and put that in the past. “But Silvio, success on HBO. It’s a pity you didn’t call me so we could talk and when you tried to talk, you couldn’t answer me. We want peace, I hope he’s very happy on HBO. If it’s all just wrong he’s gone, let’s all move on. Let’s all go. pass an eraser”Garcia concluded.