June 18, 2024

Maria Lena talks about rumors that Whindersson Nunes was helping her in her career as an influencer – watch

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This Saturday (21st), Maria Lina She appeared in Instagram Stories to deny the news circulated on the networks about her person. In the morning the newspaper O Dia published an article in which it was stated that the girl would receive support from her ex-fiancé, Wenderson Nunes, to solidify its position as a digital influencer. According to the publication, she will also live in São Paulo, in a property that belongs to the comedian.

In a series of videos, Maria said she is still in the house she’s living in with Whindersson, but has clarified that the property is rented. “This is the house I live in today, we rented in January.We pray here until the end of our relationship. Whindersson wasn’t very fond of this house, and when we were done I told him, since he wanted to move, to let me stay here until the contract expired so that he wouldn’t have to rent me another place to stay. “, explained.

We agreed in a good way amicably. He immediately agreed and looked for another place to stay. He left this house with me because he got a contract and didn’t like to live here. I’m here alone, only with my counselor and employee, and sometimes my mother comes here so she won’t leave me alone”, he added.

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After that, Lena took the opportunity to warn her that her ex-husband did not help her in her career as an influencer. “Whindersson is a wonderful person, a wonderful man. He is a very good person, but he has not helped me to be influential. Quite the opposite. I do everything on my own and my face and courage. I try hard and do my best”, she said.

Finally, the influencer paid tribute to Nunes and was moved when he spoke about João Miguel, the couple’s son who died after a premature birth. “There is no Whindersson team here to help me, this information is incorrect. Which means nothing, or he’s a bad person for that. Quite the contrary. He is amazing, I admire him so much, he was a very important person in my life. He will be the father of my son Joao forever.” He stressed with teary eyes.

Whindersson and Maria began the relationship in November 2020. In January, the couple revealed that they were expecting a child, João Miguel, who sadly passed away in May after premature birth. On August 13, the then-couple shared sexy texts on networks Announcement of the end of the engagement.

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