September 29, 2023
Nora de Tarcisio Mira talks about the death of the actor again

Nora de Tarcisio Mira talks about the death of the actor again

Mocita Fagundes, wife of Tarcísio Filho and daughter-in-law of Tarcísio Meira and Glória Menezes, spoke once again about the actor’s loss. Tarcisio passed away on the 12th of the month from complications from COVID-19.

“Family. This female name has never had so many meanings – like now. I look at this picture and I’m just proud!” The royal couple are “surrounded by children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and their in-laws. Too many,” Mocita began, in a photo he shared on his Instagram showing Tarcisio Meira and Glória in the middle, surrounded by their family.

But she is gigantic in affection. All that matters today. Just what matters. Sadness hurts us sadness exhausts us. But does grief “ask” you too? Restart. Exercising is exchanging pain with fond memories.

In the comments, his followers thanked Musita record. One commented, “Thank you for providing these eternal family moments and now us too.”

“Beautiful family! May God send a lot of strength and love NS Another said.

last week, Mocita had already paid tribute to Tarcisio MiraI remember the moment I first met him. “I was shivering all over. I was going to meet the first member of the friend’s family. He soon became the father-in-law. And no father-in-law was! It was you, the great actor, the beautiful man, the legend.”