September 24, 2023

Valentina Francavilla gets into an alleged fight over an exposed SBT and reacts

Valentina Francavilla
Valentina Francavilla became the target of rumors and reacted (Image: clone/Facebook)

Valentina Francavilla Register your name amidst rumors this week and decided to respond on social media. member mouse software accused of resigning from SBT For supposed nonsense with Mylene dread, who also participates in attraction.

On Twitter, the famous person replied: “Again don’t believe everything you read”. Then she commented: “Guys, Pavorô is my son’s godmother. What nonsense.”

The Programa do Ratinho member also said that she was not contacted for comment on the topic that appeared in some of the vehicles. “The call to my office is public and available to call, no one called, no text, nothing… I just watch these absurdities and lies they spread without checking the sources!” , reaction.

In recent days, another rumor related to the name of the Italian has also appeared. This time about her potential participation in A Fazenda 2021.

Valentina Francavilla has worked as a theater assistant for the announcer for 12 years and her contract runs until August 30, according to Leo Dias, of the Metropolis newspaper. The memo also stated that the famous woman had decided to separate from Mouse in order to participate in the reality show on Record, which still requires pre-trial detention, due to the emerging Corona virus pandemic.

She has over 1.4 million followers on Instagram, and there she posts makeup and beauty tips, as well as flashes from her life and family. She opened an account on OnlyFans and ended her marriage to Celso Bernardes in 2019, after two years of marriage. A year before that, the couple won Giuseppe, their first child.

Former BBC Bil Araújo was another nickname for A Fazenda, with an emoji of R$120,000. Gabe Martins would be another one who would likely fight for the R$1.5 million prize, but she made a condition that ex-boyfriend Guy Napolitano isn’t on the same version as her.

Luis Fabio Almeida

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