June 13, 2024

Marilyn Matos hints at Xuxa’s ingratitude after documentary TV news

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Marilyn Matos hints at Xuxa’s ingratitude after documentary TV news

Marilyn Matos has spoken out after her name has been implicated in accusations of psychological abuse against Xuxa Meneghel and other artists. The former director of Junior Queen co-produced Xuxa, the documentary, and defended herself against the allegations of the presenter, who said she suffered humiliation at her hands when they worked together.

On Instagram, the woman left a tip about “taking chances.” The director did not mention Sasha Minguel’s mother or the Globoplay documentary. And she wrote in a post on Friday (14): “Opportunity is wind.”

“A wind has to be identified and taken advantage of. I always do. A wind doesn’t pass me by without taking advantage of it,” said Marilyn Matos. In the post’s comments, the businesswoman was praised by her followers, who criticized Xuxa’s claims.

See Marlene Mattos’ Instagram post below:

Reproduction / Instagram

Marilyn Mattos Instagram posts

Marilyn Matos sends shade on Instagram

What did Marilyn Matos do?

Fantástico broadcast on Sunday (9) an excerpt from a meeting between the presenter and Marilyn, after 19 years of personal and professional separation, in the documentary Globoplay premiered on Thursday (13). The fight between them was so bad that the former businesswoman, Sasha’s godmother, never really communicated with her daughter.

Marilyn defended herself against accusations made by Xuxa about her behavior: “You were much more right than I was wrong. The world is not what you want it to be. It’s in my hands, and I used you to make puppets of other people. Like that”.

“The problem is: I don’t know how to deal with stupid people. Am I demanding? Am I., I know how to do things,” she shot the former businesswoman.

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