April 13, 2024
Voting indicates who leaves reality in the final stage TV news

Voting indicates who leaves reality in the final stage TV news

Daniel Tocco, Natalia Deodato, Riccardo Vilardo and Thiago Cervo are in the danger zone for A Grande Conquista. The hot seat was formed on Friday (14th). Two participants will be eliminated on Saturday (15) to accelerate the dynamics of the final phase of the programme. Who Should Stay On Record’s Reality Show? Vote in the poll the news.

In the live version of the programme, Mariana Rios surprised the beleaguered audience by announcing the vote. “Today the marathon of the final stage begins. The danger zone has been formed again. This is not the last, but it is important that the prize of one million reais is between you there. So it’s time to vote responsibly,” said the presenter.

The reality captain, then, asked Natalia and Sandra Melquiadis, the mansion’s owners, to point out a competitor in the hot seat. The two chose Thiago. “Mary, we were already talking about this. We got to talk about it, already imagining this surprise,” the former BBB began.

Rico Melquiades’ mother added, “He’s someone I didn’t want to refer to, but since it’s already at the end of the game, you don’t have to choose anymore, to be friends or not.”

After that, the other participants voted to indicate one of the owners of the danger zone. With four votes, Natalia won. “I’m very emotional. For me it’s an honor to continue in this game. I can’t be out of tune with my heart. If people like me, I hope they like me for who I am,” the former BBB vented.

The third candidate for the hot seat was chosen in an open vote. Alexander Sweta and Ricardo tied at three votes each, and Sandra was forced to break the tie, choosing to leave Ricardo in the danger zone.

Through the public poll, Rico Melquiades’ mother also won the task of nominating a contender for fourth place in the hot seat. “It’s Daniel. I don’t know, like Giselle.” [Soares] She has this temper of her own, I couldn’t vote for G,” she excused.

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