June 13, 2024

Marina Ruy Barbosa displays the details of her palace and its rich decorations

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Marina Ruy Barbosa
Marina Ruy Barbosa opens the doors to her mansion and good taste delights (Image: Reproduction/Instagram)

last Monday (09), Marina Ruy Barbosa He opened the doors of his mansion in Barra da Tijuca, the western region of Rio de Janeiro, and showed off the details of the property’s decor.

In the photos posted in the Stories on Instagram, it became possible to notice that the famous woman keeps a box of the Louis Vuitton brand in her property, the value of which is estimated at about 230 thousand Brazilian reais.

In addition, a collection of goblets, ornate Murano vases, carvings and paintings signed by famous artists are also among the pieces that make up inside the residence of the soap opera actress from Globe.

It is worth noting that the house is the same in which Marina lived with her ex-husband, a Stock Car driver and businessman Alexander Negrao.

Recently, the artist took a moment of her time to respond to her more than 38 million followers on Instagram, Reveal matters related to your personal life and profession.

The artist, with an open heart, said that there are times when she forgets that she is famous and that she has stopped caring so much about famous haters.

She explained that because she’s been famous since she was a child, she sometimes gets lost in the idea that Brazilians know about her:Honestly, I don’t have many memories of life without this exposure. I started very young“.

Sometimes I forget, I swear. As far as I know I’m famous, I have all the same questions as any 25 year old girl/woman. The difference is that I have to deal with everything in public”, continued Marina, already answering someone else on the social network.

Finally, Marina revealed that she is usually economic in her financial gains and defended her calculated side with money: “I’ve been working since I was 9 and today thanks to the opportunity and appreciation of not spending crazy, I own my assets and feel safe. My mother even says that I’m hard on bread and should spend more, but I think those who keep it always have“.


Marina Ruy Barbosa
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