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Paula changes her looks, gets richer and gets compliments

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Paula changes her looks, gets richer and gets compliments

Collaboration for UOL, in Rio

11/08/2021 17h22update in 11/08/2021 / 17h46

Actress Paula Oliveira, 39, revamped her look by showing off more blonde hair, and her boyfriend, singer Diogo Nogueira, 40, praised the artist as a popular brand of rum. Besides Diogo, famous friends and fans of the actress have also praised her.

“Nice,” said Sabrina Sato. “Loirassa!” , noted Alê de Souza, TV Globo beauty expert. “This hair is the most beautiful thing in the world,” praised one follower.

Paul - clone / Instagram - clone / Instagram

Paula Oliveira appears with lighter hair and gets praise

Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Paula and Diogo assumed the relationship at the end of July, After much speculation from fans NS Indirectly on social networks. The actress was spotted enjoying the singer’s concert in Rio de Janeiro In an interview with O Globo newspaper, he said that he met the artist through singer Momozinho:

Good dates are for life. If I can say anything, it’s that I’m lucky to get to know Diogo up close. He has a formidable light, strong and powerful. It’s fortunate to be able to be next to someone you’ve heard who’s really cool, and when he gets close, it’s all that and more. I am lucky. Paula Oliveira

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