February 20, 2024

Marinho demands Flamengo pay for terminating his contract and signing with Fortaleza – Flamengo – News and Flamengo

Marinho has an official offer from Fortaleza, but he needs to decide the situation with Flamengo

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condition Navy In the Flamingo Win a new episode on Friday (16th). With the Fortaleza proposal in hand, the striker’s staff is seeking a financial deal with Rubro-Negro to seal a transfer with the northeastern club.

according to Fla columnMarinho wants Flamingo Pay the remaining wages until the end of the contract in order to leave Rubro-Negro and sign with power. It is worth noting that the player’s association with Mais Querido is valid until December 2023. That is, the player needs salaries for another six months.

Marinho’s request comes after the player accepts negotiations with Fortaleza. Following salary terms offered by the Northeasterners, the 33-year-old forward accepted the offer. However, it remains for the athlete’s staff to come to an agreement with Flamingo to terminate the contract.

Marino was fined and removed from the club Flamingo After an episode of indiscipline. After a week of training apart from the rest of the team, the athlete filed a lawsuit against the club, demanding that Rubro Negro return the athlete to the training group. a fl Prior to the notification, the athlete returned to the stadiums of Ninho de Orobo last Wednesday (14).