February 21, 2024

How did the fight between Palmeiras and Water Torre start, which upsets Leila

Palmeiras president Leila Pereira told GE yesterday that the agreement with WTorre in Allianz Parque is “a bad deal.” The statement is due to the company’s debts to the club (128 million Brazilian riyals) and a dispute between the two parties. The fight started when an agreement between the association and the construction company exploded.

Silvia Torre, co-founder and chairman of WTorre SA, denied the amount. In an official statement, he said, “We do not owe R$128 million to Palmeiras. The creditor and debtor of both parties are under arbitration. Once the decision is made, it will be paid.”

To retell this story, the blog has heard versions from both sides, unofficially, because there are data that cannot be said due to the process in the arbitration court. This process started due to the differences between the two parties during the administration of former Palmeiras president Paolo Nobre.

Palmeiras and WTorre had disagreements over money transfers, debts between the two parties, the management of match schedules and the use of chairs. There were long negotiations about an agreement in the administration of Mauricio Galliot. The understanding was close, but it collapsed during the presidency of Leila Pereira.

In the Palmeiras version, the agreement took a long time to be concluded because WTorre always tried to put points unacceptable to the club. But there has been progress and a draft agreement was getting closer.

When Leila Pereira took over, the terms of the agreement were passed on to her new managers. But the assessment is that there have been changes to what has been agreed and the conditions are becoming more detrimental to the club and extremely beneficial to WTorre. In the description in Palmeiras, everything was in favor of the construction company.

Club representatives tried to reformulate the agreement to more favorable rules for Palmeiras, but they said without success. On the understanding that WTorre was dragging its feet, and not paying the debt, Leila Pereira decided to go to court to collect R$128 million in cash. Internally, it is understood to have lost patience with WTorre’s lack of cooperation.

In WTorre’s version, the agreement between the parties is closed with all elements – including a review of game management – in Galiotte’s management. It remained to sign something that would calm the two parties.

Laila asked to review part of the terms. A counterproposal has been submitted, which the Palmeiras team will accept. However, when he walked up to the president’s table, she didn’t like it and gave up on making a deal, according to WTorre.

It is reported within the construction company that the explosion of the agreement coincided with the company’s launch of the Santos Square. And one more point: WTorre has negotiated all 7,000 seats it is entitled to in Allianz Parque, in the Passaporte program, and has since been using an additional 3,000 seats. This would force the councilors to change seats behind the pews, i.e. the nobles, which would cause a political problem.

In addition to chairs and debts, the arbitration court had a discussion about scheduling games. Currently, WTorre has a large capacity to book shows. But it is usual for the impact of club matches to be limited to six matches a year, which is expected to be repeated this year. The company says it rejected Coldplay for this.

On the other hand, Palmeiras was dissatisfied with having to move matches due to performances. So much so, that he was hampered in the second half by the matches he would have to play away from home – four planned.