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Menon: Laila’s rise shows Palmeiras weakness – 11/23/2021

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Menon: Laila's rise shows Palmeiras weakness - 11/23/2021

Leila Pereira was born in 1964. The following year, Palmeiras wore the Brazilian national team shirt and beat Uruguay 3-0 in the opening Mineirao.

It was the first academy.

Seven years later, the second academy will come. That magical assortment that even the Incas repeat flower in color and fry, front to back and back to front. Leo, Yuriko…..

In 1999, Palmeiras won the award Editors for the first time.

I doubt there is a photo of the woman Leila, her baby Laila, and the newborn Leila in a Palmeiras shirt to celebrate these wonderful titles.

What is not missing is the photo of Leila Pereira in a Palmeiras shirt from 2015, when her companies signed a huge sponsorship contract with the club, since she was a member of the Board of Directors in 2018. Re-elected in 2021. Always with a lot of happy advisers. Fly on a private jet to watch the team’s debut in the 2018 Brazilian Nationals Bicycles and TV distribution to board members in 2020 at a party at the club’s headquarters.

The club gave in to Leila Pereira’s desire to be president. There is no organized opposition. You will rule as you wish.

It’s a mistake, isn’t it?

If São Paulo is a victim of a closed system of advisors, Palmeiras sees its advisors subjugated to a patron with no club history who becomes president, abusing economic power.

football Brazilian like it. Maecenas in Gallo, the power of money in Palmeiras and the closed system in São Paulo.

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