July 14, 2024

Milestone in a generation, “I, Christian F., 13, drugged and prostitute” returns and awakens memories

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Christiane F
Christiane F

Not suitable for minors. The directive was printed on the cover of the book “Eu, Christiane F., 13, drugged and prostitute,” but the work launched in 1978 has become a classic for teens and teens of a generation. The film, which is based on a non-fiction book, returns to Brazilian theaters in a remastered version starting Thursday, July 28.

The return of history also brought back memories of the Brazilians who distinguished themselves by work. Breeders believe that The copy must become mandatory In schools and institutional learning – something similar to what happened in the age of hype.

Jill’s picture, “I, Christian F., 13, Dope and Prostitute” (Christiane F. – Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo) became a cult film over time. The A true story depicted in a book that was turned into a movie Christian, a 14-year-old girl living in Berlin, Germany in the mid-1970s, started by going to a club called The Voice with her older friend Casey.

The young woman quickly makes new friends, mostly drug addicts, and falls in love with a boy named Detlev, who is also a drug addict and a prostitute. Christian starts taking pills to fit her in and then starts taking heroin. Her life begins to unravel when she becomes addicted to heroin and sees her friends do the same.

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Memories of Christian F.

generation’s imagination teenager In the 80s, the novels described in the narration were absolutely amazing. The return of the film conveys those who have followed the story for 40 years and awakens memories.

“In the eighties, reading this book, Droga da Obedencia and Feliz Año Filho was mandatory!” , says Lica Maria, who liked the work.

“I think so [filme] I went to every school in the 80’s and 90’s. “I, Christian F: 13 years old, drugged and prostitute.” It should be as strong as good addictive movies. And the track is great”, Rodrigo de Oliveira highlights remembering the old days. Flavia Oliva also recalls that “Parents gave this book to their children from the age of ten.”

Chris De Luca also shares her memory: “When I was in the fourth grade, in the late ’80s, the teacher passed ‘Christian F’ drugged and prostituted’. Today! And I don’t remember anyone in the class throwing themselves in, no, in fact, some frowned hard. Haha. ‘, you remember.

The truth is that despite the warning “Not suitable for minors” stamped on the cover, this was general that consumed the most. For the new generations, returning to cinemas on Thursday (28) is an opportunity to reach, as at that time, and consume the “hype” of a film that has become a cult.

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