June 25, 2024

“My child’s father”

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"My child's father"


In addition to showing annoyance, it gave a “lesson” of what it means to be a father

In addition to showing annoyance, he has given
In addition to showing annoyance, it gave a “lesson” of what it means to be a father. Photos: Reproduction / Actor’s official Instagram.

the actor Tammy Miranda He does not take the insult home, nor is he silent in the face of an interrogation that he must now and then have to listen to. It’s not the day he receives criticism about his son’s paternity, and on Thursday afternoon (28) he used his social networks to express his indignation at the disrespectful question.

Through the stories of your official Instagram account, The actor, who is also the state councilor of São PauloTalk to his followers. In addition to showing annoyance, he gave a class about what it really means to be a father, talked about responsibilities and obligations with a child and recalled the many abandonments that Brazil recorded for its children.

“Many ask themselves ‘Who is the father of my child.’ My dad is me. But if you want so much to judge who is the father or not, why am I not angry at the 56,000+ parents who didn’t register their children just this year, in 2022? I’m not Just the father of my child, butI create, give love, respect, education, etc.Record in a series of videos in Stories.

and completed: “In the meantime, there are many who do not even assume, what is the minimum, obligation, or when they do, do not participate in education”He remembers. Tammy is Gretchen’s son “Queen Rowling” Married to digital influencer Andressa Ferreira Miranda, who has an heir, Little Bento, 2 years old, as a result of in vitro fertilization. Recently, the couple reported that they have plans to increase the family.

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