June 25, 2024

Galvão was hospitalized in Sao Paulo and the Globo team was taken to hospital

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Galvão was hospitalized in Sao Paulo and the Globo team was taken to hospital

Galvão Bueno This Thursday, he was admitted to Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo. According to the “TV News” portal, the announcer is at the medical center to undergo a general examination. The narrator even took the Globo team to the hospital.

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The narrator has arrived at the hospital well and should be discharged within the next two days if the tests show no problems. Galvão was to arrive at the spot surrounded by Globo cameras, filming the narrator of a documentary about the professional’s career at Globoplay.

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Galvão has already announced that he will be ending his time at Globo after the World Cup in Qatar. At the age of 72, Al-Rawi made it to the station in 1981. The World Cup at the end of the year will be the twelfth in the career of Al-Rawi, who has also covered other major events such as the Olympic Games and the tournament finals in Brazil.

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The narrator is also planning to have another assessment with doctors before traveling to Qatar and will conduct audio preparation starting October 20. Galvão was the voice of the tetra quartet in 1994, the penta quintet in 2002, as well as the gold medal for the Olympic team at Rio 2016.

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