May 31, 2023

Minas plays well, beats Bauru in the semi-finals – Webb Foley

Itampi Minas had no trouble winning the Brazilian classic in the South American Club Championship, which was held on Saturday night, at Arena do Praia, in Uberlândia, against Sesi Bauru. With partials 25-20, 25-15 and 25-19, the Minas Gerais team, who won the 1xBet Women’s Superliga title last Friday, over Praia, took their second win in the qualifying stage of the competition and established themselves in the first place. from group b.

Taissa was the highest scorer in the match with 16 points. Casey scored 14. Karina scored the most goals for Sissi: 15 times.

Minas and Praia secured a place in the semi-finals. In the opening match of the Tour, the team defeated Uberlândia Regattas Lima 3-1 and took first place in the first group. This Sunday, Cisse Baurou will face Boston College, of Chile, and must confirm the rankings for the next stage. In this case, he will face Praia in the semi-finals. In the semi-finals, Minas will face San Martin, from Bolivia, or Regattas Lima, from Peru, who will play on Sunday. The semi-final matches will be played on Monday. The final is scheduled for Tuesday. Tomorrow’s matches will be broadcast on South American Confederation Channel. SporTV will broadcast the semi-final and final matches.

Minas and Cisse Bauro have faced each other six times this season with three wins per side. Minas Gerais won the two semi-final qualifiers of the Super League, last month, in addition to today’s match. Paulista won both matches in the Superliga qualifiers and won an unprecedented Copa del Rey title at the Minastinstas derby in January.

Today’s match witnessed the first appearance of striker Karina, the former Barueri, in Cisse Bauru, to replace Drusilla, who will not remain in the team next season. Robinho climbed into the team with full force as did Nicolas Negro, coach of Minas. The novelty of the Minas Gerais team was on the bench: the signing of confrontational Sabrina, who defended Cesc RG Flamengo in the season, to make up for the absence of an opponent on the bench, where Danny Coutino of North America was injured before. The playoffs missed the miners last month.

Anyone who expected Minas to slow down after winning the Superliga title was wrong. BH kept his grip strong, with Macris keeping pace with his middle and putting Kisy to play. On the other hand, Cisse Baurou suffered from the poor performance of North American opponent Nia Reed – who did not play well in the semi-finals. The good news was the safe performance of Kareena, who is supposed to start next season.

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Upcoming games:

5/8 – Sunday
16:30: Sesi Bauru vs Boston College (CHI)
18:30: San Martin (Bologna) vs Regattas Lima (team).

5/9 – Monday
16:30 – Semi-finals 1
18:30 – Semi-finals 2

5/10 – Tuesday
16:30 – Bronze Competition
18:30 – Gold Race

ITAMBÉ MINAS: Macris, Kisy, Thaisa, Carol Gattaz, Pri Daroit, Ozsoy, Leia (Libero). Enter: Sabrina and Pri Heldes. Coach: Nicolas Negro.

Sissy Bauru: Danny Lenz, Nia Reed, Mayan, Maehara, Taisinha, Karina and Niemi (Libro). Enter: Ana Cristina, Mara, Adenízia, Suelle, and Ivna Técnico: Rubinho.