June 24, 2024

More than 80 counties are at maximum fire risk. Dry thunderstorms can come

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More than 80 counties are at maximum fire risk.  Dry thunderstorms can come

The risk of rural fires will remain high in at least some parts of the continent until Saturday.

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) indicated that more than 80 municipalities in the regions of Vila Real, Aveiro, Bragança, Guarda, Coimbra, Santarém, Castelo Branco, Portalegre and Faro pose a significant fire risk this Tuesday.

IPMA has also placed many municipalities in all regions of mainland Portugal at extremely high and very high risk of fires in rural areas.

You can see the fire hazards in your county over here.

According to the institute, the risk of rural fires will remain high in some regions of the continent until at least Saturday.

Fire hazard, defined by the IPMA, has five levels, ranging from reduction to maximum, and calculations are obtained from air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and amount of precipitation in the last 24 hours.

Expected showers and internal thunderstorms

The IPMA is forecasting for today on the mainland a slightly cloudy sky, temporarily appearing very cloudy in the coastal strip, especially south of Cape Mondego.

Starting in the afternoon, the IPMA expects a temporary increase in clouds in the northern and central interior, with scattered rain likely in the mountainous region, and thunderstorms that may be dry.

Winds, generally weak, are also expected from the southern quadrant in the southern region until early afternoon, blowing moderately on the western coast, especially during the afternoon, and sometimes strong from the northeast in the highlands in the northern and central regions until mid morning.

The forecast also indicates a slight increase in the minimum temperature, more significant in the northern and central regions, and a decrease in the maximum in the southern region.

Minimum temperatures will fluctuate between 16 ° C (in Aveiro and Leiria) and 25 (in Portalegre and Castelo Branco), and maximum between 28 (in Aveiro) and 39 (in Castelo Branco).

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