February 28, 2024

More than 8,000 vacancies will be opened by Ciência é 10! Until 2024

Did you know that the flag is 10!? Until next year, Fundação CAPES intends to open more than 8 thousand vacancies. The news came last Wednesday (14), during the launch of the second version of the program.

With the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Luciana Santos, taking part in the event in Brasilia and broadcast on YouTube, 3,000 vacancies have been announced for the second half of this year and another 5,000 for 2024.

In total, 18 higher education institutions from 12 states and the Federal District will offer these vacancies, according to their respective schedules. The Open University of Brazil (UAB) offers courses in 105 centres.

Learn more about Science is 10!

The idea of ​​this program is to provide and enhance online science education for teachers in the Basic Education Network. Thus, they are modules with multimedia resources, discussion forums, assessments and hands-on activities, all divided into four thematic themes: life, the environment, the universe and technology.

CAPES President Mercedes Bustamante points out that the whole idea of ​​this program is to increase scientific thinking from basic education. Thus, by expanding science to include the modalities of education for development in Abu Dhabi, more teachers will be able to participate.

The target audience is teachers who teach science for the primary school years (6th to 9th grade). It is implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Education.

How to participate?

So far, the start of registration has not been announced, but it is understood that after the replay is announced, it will not take long. In total, there are 480 hours of supplementary material, to improve and extend the knowledge and methodology of teachers.

Among the goals of Ciência é 10! , we can notice:

  • Professional qualifications

  • Awaken students’ curiosity about scientific study.

  • Improving student achievement in scientific subjects.

The partner educational institutions of the program have not yet been disclosed, but we can take into account the latest release: many federal and state higher education institutions have participated!