February 20, 2024

Five planets will appear “in line” in the sky at the end of Saturday morning | Sciences

An alignment of five planets can be seen on Saturday (17). – Image: Arte g1 / Luisa Rivas

Fans of astronomical events will be able to follow the “alignment” of five planets in the sky on Saturday (17). Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus and Mercury will appear together before sunrise, around 5:30 am (Brasilia time).

They will appear in the following order: Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus and, finally, Mercury.

To appreciate this phenomenon, find a place with little light pollution and a clear view of the horizon. You will also need binoculars or a telescope to observe all the planets, as Neptune and Uranus cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Jupiter and Saturn will be very bright and easy to see. Mercury will be slightly darker, though it will likely still be visible to the naked eye.

June 17th is the best day for observation. However, in some locations, the alignment may be visible after this date.

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