March 30, 2023

NASA announced the launch of Artemis 3 to the south of the Moon

In November 2022, Artemis 2 is launched into lunar orbit. Now, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced on January 13 that it will launch a rocket Artemis 3 south of the moon. 50 years ago, the first human mission was in natural satellites has begun.

The NASA project promises discoveries about the moon

The purpose of the expedition is to explore the southern part, which has not yet been reached in human expeditions. In this region, conditions are harsh, making it difficult for researchers to land and survive. However, it is a place that carries new knowledge of science, mainly due to conditions.

For the launch of Artemis 3 to the south of the Moon, little planning was done in safe territory. In addition, the Starship, which is responsible for transporting astronauts from orbit to the lunar surface, has advanced technology and an autonomous system.

The launch is planned for 2025, after the success of Artemis 2. In contrast, the researchers claim that the Orion capsule’s atmosphere is capable of receiving astronauts during long trips.

NASA said in a statement:

“Orion is the only spacecraft capable of returning crews to Earth at re-entry velocities to the Moon. On the successful Artemis 1 mission, Orion’s uniquely designed heat shield was recently tested under such extreme re-entry conditions.”

Moreover, when choosing a crew, there are two new factors. The first woman and non-white man to walk on the moon. The Space Launch System (SLS) rocket will be responsible for boosting the rocket capsule.

Artemis 3 South Launch Team Moon It will be a single section, with two astronauts remaining in the capsule and two on the spacecraft. During their stay on the lunar surface, they will have to document all the findings through photos and videos. As well as collecting geological material for analysis.