March 26, 2023
NASA defends astronaut accused by Russia of sabotaging the space station - 17/8/2021

NASA defends astronaut accused by Russia of sabotaging the space station – 17/8/2021

a NASAThe US space agency decided to speak out after Russia’s state news agency TASS claimed an American astronaut had made a hole in the space. International Space Station (ISS) in 2018 to force an early return to Earth due to a psychological crisis.

The information will be in a report RoscosmosRussian Space Agency.

to me tast, purportedly, a report indicated that the exercises were conducted by astronaut Serena at the station Union Chancellor After a clot appeared in his jugular vein – which could have caused an “acute mental crisis”.

Kathy Luders, associate director of NASA’s Human Operations and Exploration Missions, said on Twitter that she supports Serena and her professional behavior, and emphasized that there was “no credibility in the allegations.”

“NASA astronauts, including chancellor Serena O’Neun, are highly respected, serve their country and make invaluable contributions to the agency,” Kathy Lueders writes.

US Space Agency chief Bill Nelson responded to Kathy Loders’ letter and said he agreed with the statement. “I fully support Serena and will always be behind our astronauts,” he said.

Remember the case

In August 2018, astronauts and cosmonauts (as Russia calls them) from the International Space Station We had to fix a hole that appeared in the wall of the Soyuz capsule, which was connected to the station, leading to an oxygen leak. Soyuz is a type of Russian spacecraft responsible for transporting astronauts on a space mission to the International Space Station and back to Earth.

The hatch on the International Space Station was covered with a dark sealant and concealed under a padded flap.

Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

Fortunately, the problem did not pose any risks to the crew of the International Space Station, which is in orbit about 400 kilometers from Earth. Russian cosmonaut Sergei Prokopyev even recorded a video clip directly from the space station to reassure people.

According to him, the crew discovered a 2-mm hole where air was escaping and quickly covered it with three layers of sealant. He said at the time, “As you can see, everything is quiet on the ship. We live together and in peace as always.”

Then the authorities suggested a number of possible reasons for the appearance of the hole. Russian investigators said it was made deliberately and ruled out a manufacturing defect.

The head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, has sparked controversy by suggesting that the hole was not created by accident, but was deliberately drilled – either on Earth, prior to departure in June to the International Space Station, or in space by the crew.

The commander of the International Space Station, US astronaut Drew Vestel, called the suggestion that the crew was somehow involved in the problem as “embarrassing.”