March 4, 2024
Charitable hospitals in Southern ES unite to create health insurance

Charitable hospitals in Southern ES unite to create health insurance

The health plans will be marketed in October. Credit: Disclosure/Trinoside

The Evangelical Hospital, Santa Casa de Misericordia and Materno Infantil Hospital – three charitable hospital units in Itapimirim Waterfall, number South Espiritu Santo Join together to offer a health plan with regional measures starting in October.

The network, called Trino Saúde, plans to provide assistance with more than 400 doctors, reaching eight thousand clients in its first year of operation.

The values ​​of the plans that will be sold have not been disclosed. However, according to Trino Saúde CEO, Jamirson Avelar, the plans will be 30% lower than those already in the current market.

Together, the three units have more than 100 years of market experience in the services provided. With the union, it will be beneficial to the chain, customers and the entire hospital, which will return profits to improvements to the units, which the unified health system will continue to provide,” says Avilar.

The initial investment was not disclosed. To welcome new users, a space for the family medicine service is being implemented in the BNH district, in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim.

The clinic will have basic specialties, such as gynecology, pediatrics, general practitioner and geriatrics. The space will contain eight offices in an area of ​​500 square metres. One advantage would be the waiting time. With reference to other doctors, for example, the patient will be assigned to specialists through the same plan,” Avilar revealed.

The network, in addition to the three hospitals in Kachoeiro, will have two other accredited units (in Castle NS etapimerim), three round-the-clock service centers, three diagnostic centers and three laboratories.

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