July 14, 2024

Natalia cuts Larissa and Eliezer’s hair

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Natalia cuts Larissa and Eliezer's hair
Natalia cuts Larissa and Eliezer's hair

With only a few hours left The start of the party leader Lucas in “BBB 22” (TV Globo), Natalia used her skills while working in a salon and cutting Eliezer and Larissa’s hair in the home bathroom.

The sister asked the nail designer to make a fringe. “You made the movement very thin,” asked Nat. “Do you want me to cut more? Like it?” Larissa replied, “No, it’s great. I loved it!”.

BBB 22: Natalia cuts Larissa's hair in the shower - Reproduction / Globoplay - Reproduction / Globoplay

BBB 22: Natalia cuts Larissa’s hair in the shower

Photo: Reproduction / Globoplay

“I want it too,” Douglas asked. “What’s the shipping cost, Nat?” “A thousand shares,” said the sister, laughing. After the digital influencer, it was Ellie’s turn to change his appearance.

“If you want to use a razor, it’s also good,” said the businessman. “No, I can do that with scissors,” Nat asserted.

Ellie took the opportunity to ask about a time when the sister was working at a salon. He asked: “Have you cut the hair of women and men?” “Also…but my area, even in the salon, was nails,” he said.

    BBB 22: After Larissa, it's Eliezer's turn to cut his hair by Natália - Reproduction / Globoplay - Reproduction / Globoplay

BBB 22: After Larissa, it’s Eliezer’s turn to get his hair cut by Natalia

Photo: Reproduction / Globoplay

This is not the first time that Natalia has helped the brothers change their appearance. At the start of the program, the sister puts Maria’s eyebrow — unqualified after assaulting Nat — to form the first wall.

However, the singer was not happy with the result. Maria stated, “Natalia, you’ve lowered my eyebrows so much. I’ll never let you move again.” Natalia was surprised and asked: “Really? Did you find it?”.

“I thought, I didn’t like it. With all due respect. I lowered my eyebrows more yesterday,” the actress said, and the sister disagreed: “No, I didn’t. Because her husband is so straight, I just went around to give him the climb.”

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