February 27, 2024
Netflix releases this week (10/22/2021)

Netflix releases this week (10/22/2021)

Arrived on Friday, as usual Canaltech Brings that traditional list of launch indicators from Netflix To enjoy your subscription and enjoy the weekend in the best way. In a busy week, the world’s most popular streaming service receives new series, new movies, must-see seasons, and amazing documentaries that you can’t miss.

Below, we’ve picked six titles from the various great content that have hit the catalog since last Friday that you should definitely include in your Saturday and Sunday marathon. So pop the popcorn, pick a seat on the couch and hit play!

in a PassengersTo earn some extra cash, college student Penny (Jorge Lindeborg, Jr.) takes a job as an overnight chauffeur, with the task of transporting two mysterious women (Debbie Ryan and Lucy Fry) from one party to the next in Los Angeles. Seduced by the passengers’ charm, Benny soon discovers they have plans for him – and an insatiable thirst for blood. Night spirals out of control, prompting Penny to engage in a war between the vampire tribes and the protectors of the human world, led by his brother (Raul Castillo). If he wants to survive and save the city before dawn, Benny will have to choose between fear and temptation.

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The wolf behind the door He calmly came to Netflix, but has already won many subscribers. Bernardo and Silvia go to the police station after realizing their son’s disappearance, where they talk to a police officer who decides to question them separately. The investigation ended up revealing many discoveries, such as Bernardo’s lover who started a web of lies involving love, revenge and a lot of jealousy.

flip a coin It follows the Japanese band ONE OK ROCK, who is very popular in the country but has also won the world by flirting directly with pop punk and even the emo movement. The film follows the group shortly after the pandemic begins, and shows how Taka, Toru, Ryota and Tomoya must deal with canceling an entire tour, the industry’s 100% digital “new reality” while also blending in with images of featured performances from their shows when these live shows were still part of Everyday life.

In the first season of insidersTwelve people think they’re making the final choice for a reality show when, in fact, they’re filmed without a clue that everything they do is being taped – and watched by thousands of people. The prize and everything at stake? Only 100,000 euros.

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Preparing for the release of the series Live action or direct event In November, the first season of Cowboy Bebop It came to Netflix this week. The anime is an action-packed futuristic western movie about three devious and deadly hunters called cowboys. This trio of heroes consists of Spike Spiegel (John Cho), Jet Black (Mustafa Shakir) and Faye Valentine (Daniela Pineda), who in the story scour the galaxy in search of the most dangerous criminals in the universe – but of course, since then they get paid pretty well for it!

After the mysterious murder of their father, the three brothers and the mother of the Locke family move into their old mansion, Key House. There, they discover several magical keys, which may be related to the death of their father. The Luke brothers begin to explore the different keys and their unique powers, until a mysterious demon awakens and tries to steal them. lock and key It’s a story of mystery, maturity, love, loss, and the unshakable bonds that define a family – yet it’s full of mystery.

do you want more? Don’t worry, the Netflix catalog is full of new movies and new series for you to watch. Below, check out the full list of releases on the platform. Choose your favourite, press play and enjoy!

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