June 24, 2024

Rafael Portugal and his wife are victims of a R$1.2 million pyramid scheme fraud

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Rafael Portugal and his wife are victims of a R$1.2 million pyramid scheme fraud

Leo Dias revealed, this Friday (22), that Rafael Portugal He and his wife, Vanelli, were victims of a R$1.2 million coup. The pair got caught up in a pyramid scheme created by GAS Consultoria Bitcoin, which is traded in cryptocurrencies. Fraud was discovered by the Federal Police in Operation Kryptus.

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“The information is correct, yes. Like thousands of other clients, we have many contracts with GAS, precisely because we believe that the company really invested in cryptocurrencies. We trusted the people who presented the company to us as an investment potential and we did it. It is an embarrassment on our part in relation to the work of GAS, because we have always received all the payments due since the first decade.The proof of this is that we have taken a long time in the distribution of the judicial process, which only happened through an exclusive decision of the law firm Gomes & Raner Advogados, which represents our interests,” Vaneli told Quem.

“I take this opportunity to explain that in this same process, we have received a positive decision from the court on our requests. We trust that the authorities will investigate and clarify all the facts,” he continued. “Rafael went on Instagram to reassure followers after the news.” Passing to reassure everyone who writes to me, Thank you for the affection, NAMORAL. I did not lose, I was not harmed at any time and everything will be resolved, ”writes in a comment to one of the publications saying“ My people, I have not lost anything.” The couple ask in court that the company return the invested money.

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