July 14, 2024

News from France and the region

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Pedro Bacelli / GCN
Overcast sky from Jardim Petráglia, East Franca

It rained again in Franca this Thursday 18 years. According to data from the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet), 10.6 mm was recorded as of 8 pm today. With the changing weather, Inmet put Franca in a danger zone due to heavy rain. Between this Thursday, the 18th, and Friday, the 19th, heavy rain is expected in a short period, with the possibility of rain of up to 60 mm in only one hour, or a large amount throughout the day, totaling up to 100 mm in 24 hours. Strong winds are also expected, with speeds between 60 km / h and 100 km / h. Inmet warns that large volumes of water, combined with winds, cause risks of urban flooding, power outages, lightning, and falling tree branches. According to the data provided by Climatempo, about 45 mm is expected on Friday, which should be marked by a minimum of 19°C and a maximum of 23°C. Weekends should be sun-drenched, with plenty of clouds during the day and periods of cloudy skies. On Saturday, 20 mm of rain is expected. Sunday must be dry weather. The temperature will fluctuate between 17°C and 26°C. Air humidity can reach 100% during some weekend periods.

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