February 28, 2024
Union President Unimed / RS to visit Bagé next week - Qwerty Portal

Union President Unimed / RS to visit Bagé next week – Qwerty Portal

Unimed Região da Campanha / RS will receive a special visit by President Dr. Nelson Louise May and the delegation on Monday 22 November, with the aim of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Unimed / RS Consortium.

In this opportunity, an in-house operation called “50 Years On The Road, Towards the Future” will take place, in which the convoy will travel through 27 Unimed in the state as well as other branches of the Unimed-RS Business Co-operative System – Uniair, Service Center, Unicoopmed, Unimed/RS Institute and House of Memory.

The convoy consisted of RS Federation President, Dr. Nelson Louise May, Vice President of Integration and State Relations, Dr. Jorge Antonio Martins, and Region 2 Regional Coordinator, Dr. Ernani Polo. The group will be received at 9:30 am at the Dom Diogo de Sousa Museum by the local leaders of the Unimed district of Campanha / RS, represented by the President of the URC / RS, Dr. Michel Mansour Key, and Vice-President Dr. Jorge Musa supervisor d.

After that, the group moves to the emergency room of the cooperative, which opened in May this year, and then heads to the administrative headquarters, where business meetings, opening of commemorative plaques, and lunch are held.

Health texts and protocols – In order to ensure the safety of the Federation delegation and the local council, the event follows the health protocol that complies with the current decrees for the prevention and protection of Covid-19.

Source: Unimed campaign area.