June 25, 2024

Neymar gets a court order and can’t be prosecuted or arrested for evasion

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Neymar gets a court order and can't be prosecuted or arrested for evasion

Neymar He cannot be prosecuted or arrested for tax evasion in Brazil. Today, the Federal Regional Court for the Third District (TRT-3) granted a subpoena to suspend criminal investigation proceedings against PSG and Brazilian national team for every Alleged tax evasion case in Brazil. the operation It has nothing to do with the trial reported by the Spanish newspaper “El Pais”, which will be held on the eve of the World Cup in Qatar..

The injunction does not put an end to the process, which has been going on since 2014, in reference to the fine imposed by the Federal Revenue Service, amounting to R$188 million, for tax evasion. In 2015, Even the player has blocked the merchandise by justice At the request of the Prosecutor’s Office of the National Treasury.

The player’s defense, Davi Tangerino Advogados, asserted that there is no certainty about the existence of a criminal act (just cause), nor the possibility that the MPF will seek a conviction (an interest in acting).

National team and Barcelona striker Accused of tax evasion during 2011 and 2013According to Federal Revenue, mainly in payments made by the Spanish club related to its transfer from Santos.

In 2015, revenue claimed the player had evaded R$63.6 million. Among other facts, the omission of income from external sources was indicated by advertisements and the “omission of income from work paid by Barcelona”. This money has already been received by the companies N&N Consultoria Esportiva e Empresarial and Neymar Sports. But the National Treasury claimed that he was subjected to an unjustified tax, because the income belongs to him as an individual.

Five years later, in May 2020, Neymar was able to have the accusation quashed in court. The player filed a claim to cancel the debt and was able to suspend it until the process is judged – the Prosecutor’s Office of the National Treasury appealed the decision to demand the amount again. The parties did not respond to the current status of the lawsuit.

Last year, as reported by columnist Diego Garcia, from UOLHey The attacker deposited 88.8 million Brazilian riyals into a court account as a guarantee of performance.

Today, PSG’s 10th chancellor reported that the Federal Regional Court for the Third Region (TRT-3) has granted a subpoena in Neymar’s favour.

Battles off the meadows

The episode comes a day after the newspaper “El Pais” announced the trial of Neymar for alleged corruption in his contract with the Catalan club. The publication states that the lawsuit in the Barcelona court will begin on October 17, about a month before the World Cup in Qatar.

The prosecution demanded a two-year prison sentence for the Brazilian, according to the Spanish newspaper. Barça is included as a legal entity in the process and the Public Prosecution Office is charging R$45 million. In addition to Neymar, five other people will stand trial: his parents (Neymar Kabir and Nadine Gonçalves), two former Spanish national team presidents (Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu) and a former Santos manager.

The trial will be held in seven sessions until October 31. The cup begins on November 21, and the final is scheduled for December 18. Group G president, the Brazilian national team made its debut in the tournament on the 24th, against Serbia.

This case, however, is not related to the process in Brazil, where the player was able to obtain a preliminary injunction.

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