June 24, 2024

Sao Paulo announces the sale of Rigoni: “I take the best memories” | Sao Paulo

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Sao Paulo announces the sale of Rigoni: "I take the best memories" |  Sao Paulo

a Sao Paulo On Friday, he confirmed the sale of striker Rigoni from the USA to Austin FC.

The club only reveals the values ​​of negotiation General Electric I found out that Tricolor should get you about 4 million US dollars (about 20.8 million BRL). Rigoni wasn’t even included in the duel against América-MG, last Thursday.

Rigoni training in São Paulo – Photo: Rubens Chiri / saopaulofc.net

– Say goodbye to all the tricolor world. I wanted to express my feelings in this farewell. It was a very difficult decision, because all my time here at the club has been great, especially with such a good group of people and work.

I take the best memories with me Sao PauloBecause I have created a very strong emotional bond. I felt very connected to the club, its history and its greatness Sao Paulo she has. He will always be in my heart. I leave a salute to all the fans who have always supported me and treated me with love. And it was mutual, and I also felt very happy to accompany you. The Argentine told the website of Sao Paulo.

The amount raised from the sale of Rigoni to the American Club is practically equal to the investment he made Sao Paulo In 2021, when he brought the athlete from Elche, from Spain, at the request of coach Hernan Crespo – for him, about 22 million Brazilian reals were paid.

Watch Rigoni's goals for Sao Paulo

Watch Rigoni’s goals for Sao Paulo

Rigoni had a great start to his time at Morumbi, scoring goals and quickly becoming the highlight of the team. And an injury in the last stage of the Brazilian kept him out of the team. In the same period, Crespo was expelled, and Sao Paulo Hired Rogerio Ceni.

With the current coach, Rigoni was no longer able to repeat the previous performance and gradually lost space in the team.

leaves the Sao Paulo After 70 matches, he scored 13 goals.

What happened to Rigoni? "He was hostage to his success" Eduardo Rodriguez says:

What happened to Rigoni? “He was a hostage to his own success,” says Eduardo Rodriguez.

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