September 28, 2023

Niantic responds to reports of Pokemon Go players unable to create Routes in-game

Niantic, the developer of the popular mobile game Pokemon Go, has responded to the concerns of players who are experiencing difficulties with the game’s Routes feature. The Routes feature allows players to explore custom trails created by other players and earn rewards.

However, some players have reported that they are unable to create new Routes, while others have been able to access the feature without any issues. This inconsistency has left players frustrated, especially since the new A to Zygarde Special Research tasks require the use of Routes.

Niantic Support took to Twitter to acknowledge the problem and confirmed that the ability to create Routes is still being rolled out to trainers. This statement has brought some relief to affected players, as it suggests that the issue is not permanent and that the feature will eventually be available to everyone.

The lack of access to the Routes feature has also had broader implications for players. In particular, it prevents them from receiving the added boosts from Routes in the ongoing Blaze New Trails event. Furthermore, it inhibits their progress on the Special Research tasks tied to the event.

In light of these challenges, players are advised to stay updated with the latest news on Pokemon Go. This will allow them to keep track of any further developments on the Routes feature, ensuring that they are aware of any updates or fixes that could resolve the issue.

As Niantic works to address the problem, players around the world are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to create and explore Routes in the game. The Routes feature has proven to be a popular addition, adding a new layer of excitement and engagement to the Pokemon Go experience. Once the issue is fully resolved, players can look forward to fully enjoying all the rewards and benefits that Routes have to offer.