September 28, 2023

Shiv Telegram Media introduces a new monochrome icon pack, that themes all icons

Nothing Phone (2) continues to impress users with its stable software and sleek design. The latest update, dubbed Nothing OS 2.0, brings a new feature that is sure to enhance the user experience even further. Introducing the monochrome icon pack.

The monochrome icon pack included in Nothing OS 2.0 is a game-changer. Not only does it support icons, but it also themes everything on the phone’s homescreen. This means users can enjoy a consistent, cohesive look across all elements of their device.

Nothing’s dedication to intentional design is evident in the monochrome icons. In light mode, the icons are crisp white, while in dark mode, they take on a sleek black appearance. This aligns perfectly with Nothing’s focus on intentional use and minimalist aesthetics.

What sets Nothing’s icon pack apart from the competition, such as Google’s implementation, is its support for every single app on the device. This means that no matter what app you have installed, you can enjoy the sleek monochrome look.

The functionality of the icon pack is impressive. It seamlessly integrates with apps that offer themed icon support, while also forcibly theming others. However, there may be some quirks with certain apps, such as games, the Nest app, and Bluesky. Nothing is actively working on addressing these issues to ensure a smooth user experience.

If you’re excited to try out the monochrome icon pack, you’re in luck. It is available for free download from the Play Store for all owners of the Nothing Phone (2). However, make sure to have Nothing Launcher v2.1.0 installed, as it comes pre-loaded on the Phone (2).

But what about owners of the previous Nothing Phone (1)? They won’t be left out! With the release of Nothing OS 2.0 in late August, Phone (1) users will also gain access to the monochrome icon pack. It’s just another reason to look forward to the upcoming update.

In conclusion, Nothing continues to impress with its commitment to delivering a polished user experience. The monochrome icon pack in Nothing OS 2.0 is a notable addition that further enhances the device’s sleek design. Whether you have the latest Phone (2) or the previous Phone (1), you can enjoy the monochrome icons and elevate your home screen aesthetics.