June 14, 2024

“No way!” TV news

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"No way!"  TV news

with the woman Bruna Gonçalves number BBB 22Ludmila took advantage of a meeting with GBD Oliveira, Boninho, to make a special request. On Thursday (20), the singer tried to get behind the scenes of the most-watched house in the country. But the manager refused the request and warned of “no way!”

“Guys, look who scores today! Let me go to the headquarters for a bit, see Pro,” he asked Jorada activates The Voice +. However, the director shook his head negatively and replied: “Impossible, I told you before.”

Even with the negativity, the artist insisted on the request during the sequence of videos posted on Instagram stories: “Isn’t it a bit of anything?”. “Not even a little!” The director responded who burst out laughing and left the dressing room.

the Responsible for Globo Reality Shows She shared the content, and the sister-in-law left a comment on the article. “He’s a good boss,” the artist wrote, “however, I still love you.”

She also posted a video of her walking around the Globo studios and jokingly said she was searching for the confinement. Then Ludmila said that she began to receive messages of affection on the street because of Bronna’s stay at the BBB.

Ludmila celebrated: “All the people: ‘Send a kiss to Bruna, I support Bruna.’ Oh, she will be so happy when you go out and see the affection of the audience with her.”

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