March 25, 2023

“Nobody expected it, Uruguay decided so”; Arascaita takes a “hot” position at the last minute in Flamengo


Camisa 14 has been operating in Mengão since 2019, when it was bought from Cruzeiro

© (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)– Arrascaeta

a Flamingo Leaves much to be desired. The team simply cannot repeat the same performance as last year, especially the best moment with Dorival Júnior. The team has already lost two titles in almost one month: the Supercopa do Brasil and the Mundial. Winning the Recopa next week has become a must.

Vítor Pereira is under a lot of pressure and he knows that climate It will only get better with the next wins. The leader has not had the support of the masses and the pressure is very high. As much as the board tries to quell the scenario, the situation is worrying, to the point where the team is too expensive to lose easy matches.

Behind the scenes Arrascaeta, coming down and getting some criticism from the crowd, was a true leader. The report found that the Uruguay was demanding of all actors, even being self-critical performance Need to improve. At that moment, the superstar takes the responsibility away from Vítor Pereira and wants to give the fans an immediate response.

Photo: (Michael Steel/Getty Images) – Vitor Pereira

The player feels at home after arriving at Flamengo in 2019 and he did condition Enough to drag the band looking for a makeover this semester. The star was more active internally and this was the subject of positive comments from those attending Mengão day in and day out.

Do you trust the current Flamingo?

Do you trust the current Flamingo?

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position Arascaita It also carries over to other players with more manners, such as Gabigol, David Luiz and company. Number 14 was training hard to be the superstar everyone knew he was. The staff captured this rhetoric and also treated the Recopa Sul-Americana title as essential.