June 13, 2024

Marinho “kisses”, passes the vision to the fans and tells Flamengo where he wants to play

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Marinho “kisses”, passes the vision to the fans and tells Flamengo where he wants to play


The former Santos player is being watched by the national football teams and has a chance to leave Robro Negro

Photo: Gil Gomez/Agev - Marinho
Photo: Gil Gomez/Agev-Marino

Marinho is one name that needs more action in Flamingo. but, The number 31 shirt is convinced of what he wants for the current season. The 32-year-old left-back has been at Rubro-Negro since the start of last year, when Santos sold the medal for R$6 million.

The professional is being watched by the national soccer teams and has a chance of leaving Robro Negro if coach Vitor Pereira sets his foot on it as out of the plans. The player has already agreed to the existing terms, conveyed the vision to the personal staff and told Mais Querido where he wants to play Really this year.

The investigation conducted by journalist Bruno Villafranca reveals what the former Pixie player wants to continue his career, Even if it means fewer minutes on the court, more competition, pressure from all sides, and a sense of obligation to win all the titles contested. The athlete chose to stay in Fla until he knew the possibilities.

Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF-Marinho

Will Flamengo return this season?

Will Flamengo return this season?

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Bruno Villafranca brings the following on Twitter: “I have learned from the representatives of the striker, Marinho, that there is no official offer for the Flamengo player yet. The businessman also indicated that the focus of the athlete is on Rubro-Negro, ” Highlights Post reporter from Coluna do Fla.

Website data and statistics Market transfer Show it Marinho played 49 games in defense of Manto Sagrado, scoring six goals and seven assists. Among the highlights of the player’s life in Rio de Janeiro were the victories of CONMEBOL Libertadores and the Copa do Brasil.

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