March 1, 2024
"Not even close";  Corinthians fans "go crazy" with Mauro Cesar's controversial statement

“Not even close”; Corinthians fans “go crazy” with Mauro Cesar’s controversial statement


The journalist gave his honest opinion against the Copa del Rey and ended up “badass” Timao

Photo: CLONE/ESPN - Mauro gave an acidic opinion on Corinthians' performance.
Photo: CLONE/ESPN – Mauro gave an acidic opinion on Corinthians’ performance.

a Corinthians He finished preparations with Goiás focused on the Brazilian Championship, but the equalizer against Flamengo, in a match marked by complaints about a possible penalty after touching Léo Pereira’s hand, cannot be forgotten. However, for the journalist Mauro Cesar Pereirathe team led by Vitor Pereira uses this to cover up the poor performance:

“We imagined Corinthians, who are playing at home and with a record number of fans, would play more. Unfortunately, the team played a very lackluster and shy match. If we analyze the chances of the Corinthians team, it was all shots from medium distance with Renato Augusto or a fatal mistake by Leo Pereira. What was Santos’ tough defense? I did not have”The journalist, who did not stop there, began:

“If you look back, you will see that against Boca Juniors it was the same. I was expecting more from the Corinthians players. What did Rogue Guedes do yesterday? It was a very conservative stance. This is overshadowed by the “smoke screen” which is a punishment claim. I was expecting a more offensive team.”Follow Mauro.

In addition to criticizing Alfinegro’s performance, MCP also used São Paulo, by Rogério Ceni, as an example: “For example, Sao Paulo lost 3-1 to Flamengo, but it made the Rio team suffer, as goalkeeper Santos worked hard. Yesterday, Flamengo controlled the match as he pleased, and put away the pace of the match. Cassio worked harder than Santos. He was A very shy performance. So much so that they talk about this punishment, which, in my opinion, did not exist. It’s the only crutch left to try and create a “smoke screen.”pointed out.

In addition to all these statements, the commentator also ended his analysis by eavesdropping on 2 Alfinegro do Parque São Jorge players, who did not play well in the first leg of the final: “Roger Geddes and Renato Augusto even left because they couldn’t play anything. Corinthians didn’t even come close to winning 1-0”Been completed.