February 27, 2024
Nubank has great news for its customers

Nubank has great news for its customers

Nubank is launching a new line of credit for its customers. See what it is and when it will be released!

Modernism, which was currently the subject, revolved around the new lend sent from financial technology nubank🇧🇷 As much as the company always brings updates to the market, this update has not, for the time being, been released to the public, and is still being developed by the digital bank.

However, anyone who imagines that the lend Nubank payroll goes unnoticed. This method is already very much awaited by customers, due to the promise of repayment and lower interest rates.

Read on to learn more about the new feature.

Payroll loan from Nubank

As we said above, unfortunately, few details have been released about Nubank’s new loan. The project is still in the testing phase in order to find the best conditions for the bank and customers, who are already excited about the novelty.

According to David Velez, CEO of Nubank, the intention was to launch the loan later this year, but the testing phase had to be extended a little more. However, forecasts indicate that in the first half of 2023 it will start working.

The Phillies also expected the bank to already have the master mandates to operate credit Delivered. The loan is expected to target retirees, civil servants and retirees, as they will be deducted directly from their salaries.

The difference in this process, as well as in all the functions that Nubank provides, will be faster and less bureaucratic recruitment, generally with methods set in a few steps, directly in the application.

What is a payroll loan?

Payroll loan, often offered by banks traditional like cashier economical and Bank of Brazilprovides credit on easier terms of payment, with installments deducted directly from the payrolls of those who have requested the method.

Currently, the type of payroll loan that has been talked about a lot is Sent from Brazilian Aid🇧🇷 Most of the large private banks did not adhere to the new credit method, as it was considered a risk to the indebtedness of the most vulnerable population.

Photo: Nubank | disclosure