October 3, 2023
'Old Coroca' TV news

‘Old Coroca’ TV news

Rico Melquiades NS Solange Gomez They erected the largest hut during the commercial break of Farm 2021 In the early hours of Friday morning (17). The confusion started after the influencer was eliminated by designing an award-worthy activity. “Old crook!” shouted.

After Adriane Galisteu announced a break in the dynamics, the two began exchanging criticism. Only PlayPlus subscribers can check for confusion.

“It’s crazy people,” Rico replied. “Call me crazy,” Solange replied, “that’s what Brazil likes.” “Rico has arrived, you’ll know who he is,” the influencer continued. “I don’t want to meet you, you say a lot of bad words all day,” the girl complained.

The fight continued and Rikko said that if Solange was upset with her presence on the reality show, she could ask to leave the competition: “I’m really talking, are you upset? Ask to leave.”

Frustrated, Riko got up and approached his opponent. “You’re rotten. You’re an old man. Ask to leave, because I’m going to say bad words every day now. Are you upset? Ask to leave,” Alagoas reinforced.

Solange then called Riku “ugly” and complained, “He was teasing me so I could hit him in the face.” “Let her do it, if she hits me in the face she gets kicked out,” the former MTV quipped.

before the commercial break, The two of them had already disagreed during the live programme. I would vote for her in Roca, said Rico, who later realized, “I didn’t have the right to vote. I don’t have anything against anyone. It’s my vote, I just know.” in the booth.”

The next model fired “I have a hunch, love. That’s why I sent you.” He declared, “I have too, next time, get ready, and you’ll be too. It’s in my eyes.”

Check out excerpts from the fight:

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