February 9, 2023
Fatima Bernardis wins the audience on her birthday, a declaration of love and many surprises |  An interview with Fatima Bernards

Fatima Bernardis wins the audience on her birthday, a declaration of love and many surprises | An interview with Fatima Bernards

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the public Meeting It was withdrawn for security reasons. But this Friday, 9/17, is a memory Fatima Bernards, the presenter had a big surprise when he faced the audience in the studio.

“I was shocked. The audience is full of familiar faces. I loved it!”

And the morning of the festivities of Fitna, 59, was not limited to the presence of the audience. Music was responsible for Diogo Nogueira – With an orthotic stick and shoe, for an Achilles tendon rupture – and Marcos Ferras There is no order.

The representative pointed out that “the program will not be presented today except by me and other surprises.”

Amiga reveals how she knew Fatima was in love with Tullio

Patricia was one of the faces in the audience, personal trainer And a friend of the announcer, she revealed how Fatima told her that she loved her Tullius argued itHe’s been dating him for four years.

Her friend said, “She invited me to go on a cruise on a ship. It was October 2017. Fatima told me that she thought she was in love, only because of the letters exchanged with Tullio. The trip took a new mood.”

Surprise Lenin and Tulio Fatima Bernardis

Surprise Lenin and Tulio Fatima Bernardis

Tulio, of course, surprised his beloved straight from Russia. While Lenin sang the couple’s song, “Only what matters to me,” Tullio played the harmonica.

Tulio Gadelha surprises Fatima while she plays the harmonica – Photo: Globo

He said, “I was the first to congratulate you. You are so special, you have a keen eye and the ability to inspire. Best wishes to you and all of us. I am coming to celebrate together.”

Fatima added, “It’s great to be next to those who interest us and who do our job well. We have our own playlist.”

The introduction also received an alert with the phrase she uses: Every minute counts.

“This is an exercise I’ve been doing. I’m an anxious person and because I’m anxious, I plan a lot. So, I decided to change and let me be surprised by what’s going on. I’ve also fallen ill, I think this affected. Today I plan less, I want to enjoy it. Every minute,” she explained Christmas girl.

Memories of the World Cup 2002 MUSE

Andrew Kervillo Another was the one who took charge of the program and presented the girl at Christmas with another gift: a replica of the uniform that Fatima wore at the 2002 World Cup, where she was elected for inspiration, and the certificate she used at the tournament.

“I have a lot of good memories of this business. Accompanying the team on the bus after the final was hard work, our team worked since the first match. And look at their hairy hair! Anyone with short hair knows that after 40 days and she joked that hair has no better way not to story”, was another surprise: the presence of Kavo In the studio, the captain of the quintet tournament.

The former player said, “I couldn’t resist the requests of Fatima, who is always so friendly. Just as I can’t miss being with her today, it’s been 19 years since we’ve seen each other.”