September 26, 2023
Police find a secret passage in the apartment of actor Luis Carlos Araujo

Police find a secret passage in the apartment of actor Luis Carlos Araujo

So far, the police station has not come to any conclusion. No hypothesis has yet been ruled out, including that he may have engaged in suffocation, a sexual practice in which his followers lay bags and simulate suffocation to reach the climax of sexual pleasure.

Ficante was the last to enter the apartment

According to information from the concierge of the building where Luis Carlos lived, the last time the actor was seen was on Monday, 6. On the same date, Luis, a friend from the academy who was supposed to be staying, visited him.

Louis’ visits to Louis Claudio’s apartment were daily, according to the doorman. The investigation succeeded in finding him, but he is in the Northeast. According to preliminary information, the travel was scheduled for September 7.

Police have yet to reveal the reason for the trip, nor if Lewis ever testified about what happened. The investigation is still awaiting expertise on items such as the bag that covered the actor’s head, digital equipment, the victim’s cell phones and an IML (Institute of Legal Medicine) report on the cause of death.

Luiz Araujo’s ex-boyfriend gave surprising information to the police

The police also spoke to Fabio, the actor’s ex-boyfriend. They had a six-year relationship, after meeting at the popular LGBT+ club in São Paulo. The relationship ended about a year and a half ago. According to the previous one, the reason for termination was because Luis Carlos had illegal behavior and also because he used drugs.