April 13, 2024
Pablo Vitar blasts Mauricio Sousa after the homophobia controversy: 'This is a crime'

Pablo Vitar blasts Mauricio Sousa after the homophobia controversy: ‘This is a crime’

credit: web clone montage

Pablo Vitar and Mauricio Sousa (credit: web clone montage)

In an interview with “Conversa Com Biel” on TV Globo, Thursday evening (11), Pablo Vitar I talked about the controversy surrounding the volleyball player Mauricio Souza, who was accused of a homophobic crime after criticizing the announcement that Superman would discover himself bisexual in comic books.

On the attraction, the drag queen blew the athlete: “I guess he should have been quiet, because my mother taught me that when we have nothing to add, we keep our mouths shut, you know?” Pablo started.

I think in 2021 we no longer have time for these lines. It is very wrong to think that this is just a comment, that this is just a guess, and that is just my opinion. No darling”.

Homosexual opinion is a crime, so deal with the consequences. And that other people who also agree with the same idea communicate, stay alert, and change their ways, because this is a crime. Homophobia isn’t great, and here’s the 2022 movie already knocking on the door, let’s learn,” concluded the artist.

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